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Waste Oil Burners

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I was wondering if anyone uses waste oil burners. I built one to run my casting foundry and was wondering if anyone has set up one of these burners in a black smith shop. I know it gets hot enough, (found that out when I melted my steel crucible full of metal what a mess:p) but wanted an opinon on practicality.

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I think member Archie Zietman had a thread on here about his. Use the search feature to find it.

On second thought, here it is http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f7/wvo-forge-run-4518/

Next search is on you, it's easy and will yield a wealth of info if you use it!

Also, clue us in to your location by clicking on the user CP and putting one in, helps to find other smiths close to you.

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