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nitro brought a question here about carbon content of railroad spikes which I replied to on his thread. Being on the subject of railroad spikes reminded me of a memory of some 30 years or more. When I was a kid, as all kids do, I walked the tracks and picked up spikes. So of course I Knew by single digit age what a spike looked like and had a collection of them. Didn't we all?
One day at a friends house, my friend pulled out a box in the garage and said "look at these, they were my Grandfather's." He produced several railroad spikes which looked just like any other spikes except that they were longer, several inches longer than the norm.
Now, I am NOT going to right now trottle out to the barn through the snow and lay a tape on a spike to see what it exactly measures.
The point is, these spikes were 3 or 4 inches longer than the only size spike I have ever seen anywhere else. I worked as a welder in a railyard for two years and never saw any odd spikes, even doing some add-hoc railwork when neccesity dictated the normal work was interrupted and for a time we were all rail monkeys.
Has anyone seen these longer spikes?
What was their application?Dan.:)

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