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Greetings from SW WV


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Hey All,
Just joined up - Nice site you have here!

I've been a blacksmith and furniture maker for about 10 yrs - I've got a small shop where I combine iron and woodwork - great way to make a livin'!
I also do bronze work in a friend of mine's sculpture studio. Nothing like pouring 300lbs of metal like a hot cup o' Joe!

Look forward to getting to know you!

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Hello chyancarrek!
I welcome you to I Forge Iron.
When you said: "I've got a small shop where I combine iron and woodwork", you got my attention. That is exactly what I am trying to learn how to do.
I have been trying to learn more about how to blend wood and iron into eye catching combinations as I go. Now I just have to put my thoughts into action. This year I plan on creating more designs and products.
I believe each medium has its own unique attraction, but I feel when wood and steel (iron) are combined, they seem to complement each other in a different, but distinctive way!
I hope you will share some of you knowledge with us. Photos speak pretty loud, hint, hint!
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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Hey Ted,
Thanks for the welcome. I agree completely, putting wood and metal together really brings out the best in both materials. The wood warms the metal and makes it less intimidating and the metal grounds the wood - gives it a very finished feel.

I've attached a pic of my specialty - hand hammered serving dishes with wood holder/stands (I didn't do the knives just the holder). I also do a lot of traditional stuff - coat racks, hall trees, quilt racks etc. I don't do large scale furniture anymore except for a select few clients.

Take care!

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