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I Forge Iron

Started My Forge First Time


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I started the new forge up with some charcoal today. I wanted to see how it went. I had a pair of nippers I wanted to try fashion into tongs so I gave it a go. OH MY GOSH how fun it is to hammer that red iron. It's like beating hard clay into shapes. It feels so soft till the heat goes out. I'm loven it. Here's a couple pics. The tongs just got a start and I need to review videos.0325171253.thumb.jpg.f7846f135235bc031375c9abbbabb63a.jpg0325171335.thumb.jpg.b0d4a7e4482b087fa470c317b057462e.jpg

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Clever move pulling the nippers apart before starting, I tried to straighten a set of pincers when I first fired mine up with charcoal, but I burned one side of the nippers clean off! might have done better if pulled apart.

Mind you I then did exactly the same thing with the set of rebar tongs I was trying to make...... slow learner.




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