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IMG_3613.thumb.JPG.e57337f5620466b0510ee0c653e5d2f9.JPGIMG_3614.thumb.JPG.e317e09e9a4c4cfd1dee1ec55b610590.JPGI will preface my I preface my striking anvil build questions below with (I have searched the Forum and read the threads).  This is a request for advice from those who have built, used, abused and had experiences with striking anvils.  I want to avoid mistakes and make this anvil one time.  ONE and DONE!


Top is 14 X 4 X 2, which will be welded onto a bottom which is one inch larger (All the way around)  than the top or 16 x 6 x 2.  Material is MILD STEEL.   I have cut a 1 1/8 hardy hole into the anvil which is the hardy shank size of my bottom fullering, cupping and cutoff hardys already built for my anvil. - My current Hardy tools will all fit this striking anvil without having to make new hardy tools.


*My Plan is to cut the legs from Pipe at a 9-11 Degree angle (Which in your opinion is better 9 Degree, 10 Degree, 11 Degree angle and why?) - Legs will be 3 inch pipe welded to the bottom 2 inch plate, with supports welded around the bottom of the pipe legs, and bottom plates for anchoring to concrete.

*My plan is to set the top height of the anvil at 24 inches or 2 feet high.  I am 5-10 ish and shrinking at 49 years old!  (What say you on Striking Anvil Height?)

SO, What angle on the legs?

What Height on the striking surface of the anvil?  I'm 5 foot 10 inches tall

What mistakes did you make on your striking anvil that you would change if you had it to do over again?

THANK you in advance



Fayetteville ARkansas

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