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Buffalo forge BBQ


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I ran across this 1950's ad for BBQs that Buffalo made and realized I was ignorant that they had poked their smithy fingers into that market.

Just wondering if there were a ton made (maybe more distribution in the eastern USA?) and if anyone has seen them come up for sale as actual forges.  Heck, they may have been the same as the low end forges except with BBQ features added--although I'd expect lighter materials used.



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I had one that was missing the bottom shelf and grill piece.  Sold it to a person that collected BBQ grills and wanted it a lot.  I saw one in the box sell on EBay for something like $800.  If I can find the pics of the one I had, I'll post them.  I have heard that they started as a giveaway for the salesmen to have for special customers and then they got popular.  Can't say with certainty though.

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