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Have the chance to pick up a Ryman Belt Grinder 2" X 40 something (??) (belts are available per sller)  and works as it should.  Wanted for knife making and other stock reduction projects.

It's $299.- and is far less than any other 2" belt sander I've seen.  It is set-up horizontal and also has arbor for adding wheel or buffer. (arbor has wire wheel in the photo).

Runs at 3600 rpm. (I can modulate)

Any advice.

(This is a real heavy piece of machinery and very solid OEM table)


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Motor looks odd in the photo--my guess would be a poor replacement for the original but it's hard to see.  Looks to be a bit under-size in HP also but that could be photo distortion.  Not a deal breaker in any form but be sure and figure that you might need to do a replacement when doing cost comparisons.  I'd personally be all over it because with a little cleaning, you could probably resell it if you didn't like it and make a profit.

There is a common joke in the forklift business that a $ 5 can of spray paint lets you add $ 1000 to the sale price.  This looks like a relatively similar example.

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Motor is a Dayton but I really didn't look at HP.

It's ten miles from me so it is easy to return and take a look.

Machine is very hardy but I can't find any info. on the web for Wyman.

All comments, thoughts and user wisdom appreciated.

For me this is a tool that can accomplish what my 1" belt sander can't; and I can justify $299 for my hobby (though my wife will curse me for taking even more room in the garage... or as she calls it the tool shed)

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Greetings Pintail,

Sure looks like an old chunk of iron. IMHO I would suggest that you check with Wayne Coe on the cost of the components to build something that will work and has some resale value.  Investing in good equipment doesn't cost it pays.. Just this ol boys 2c 

Forge on and make beautiful things 


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