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I Forge Iron

Fired up forge on its first 30 min burn. Forge build is almost complete.

Outdoor gater

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Ok, Last week I've started on the inside of fordge linings. 2 layers of 1" ceramic wool using sodium silacate as a adhesive on door wool. Then several applications of InsTuff rigidizer on wool. Then started with satanite refractory layers. I bought 10 lbs and I'm half way there.  I've allready used 5 lbs I'm going to try and shoot for a 1/2" thick layer of refractory before I finish up with ITC - 100. Here’s a video of my first 30 minute cure burn. Before I did several 30 second then 1 min then several 5 minute burns between coats. I'm at 4th coating and still going, trying to get to 1/2" refractory wall thickness. Please  let me know if my burners don't look right. I'm willing to learn. 

thanks Gator

  • Down below is pic of another coating of refractory along with split brick floor. Have about 3lbs left of satanite refractory. So a few more coats before ITC 100.


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4 hours ago, Latticino said:

Can you explain why your door opening is taller than the opening of your forge?  Normally I make them shorter to aid in keeping the heat in.


I have another tank end, and planning on making another door later with a much smaller opening. Both doors have one pin that's easy to remove. So one door for large work pieces and one for small work pieces. 


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