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I Forge Iron

First firing today


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Finished the forge today and fired it. I didn't time anything but it did get hot pretty quickly and once warmed up it had no trouble heating my test pieces. It's got a real good swirling effect. I noticed the hottest point seems to be the side opposite the wall that the flame rolls into. It seems to roll along the floor, up the wall and across the roof, down the other wall and develops a hot spot right as the tip of the flame hits the floor again. The front 2/3 section seems to get hotter than the back, I might try aiming the burner toward the back a bit. I have the burner recessed about 1.5" past the Kast-O-Lite and into the ceramic blanket liner.

 Now I need to study up on making the flame optimal and efficient, and build an idle circuit.




Tried to put in a short video, not sure if it will work

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