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Completed my 2X72..Grinder..Question??


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Finished my grinder ,Plans from Wayne Coe ..  Have a 1 HP motor (2450 rpm) with a 4" drive wheel  I know it`s not a sealed motor but was free . Will build a small shield to protect its somewhat from grinding dust, and we'll see how it performs?  When it dies will get a sealed type motor, probably 1 1/2 hp..Just have mounted on plywood base for now, I will eventually make a metal base for the grinder.  Planning to use it possibly for a few knives to grind also use it to grind on tomahawks and small axes, not using it exclusively for knives only.  I like the way the wheel arm can be set in different positions.


Question??  If I did my math correctly the belt speed should be somewhere around 3600 SFPM?  I 'am  thinking I should have more belts speed?  I've used belts sanders/ grinders in other shops and they seem like they're run faster.  One thing I noticed I get very few sparks or no sparks  when grinding using 60 grit.   I would be interesting to know what the other people who have DIY belt grinder/sanders have for belt speeds or what would be the low and high for belt speed??  I did search through the form for information on belt speeds and saw some list, curious what people are actually running and are have good performance with their grinders.  thanks





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Looks good Bob.  Most people using single speed motors have 3600 rpm motors.  If you had asked me I would have suggested that you use that motor initially and get a feel for the grinder.  When that one dies you will probably want to get a VFD and new motor.

Let me know when I can help you again.


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phabib..  If you search on the web for Wayne Coe Blacksmith ..  That's where I got my plans from...  Also on his web site has a short video explaining the belt sander/grinder. I have a 2" and 6" rubber wheel plus the tracking & drive wheel both of them are of aluminum. the platten  was made from angle iron

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