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a few links

there are going to be three elements to deal with
the burner, regulating the gas, the forge itself

Forge and Burner Design Page #1
Burner Building
Burner Choices
Furnace Building (technically glass furnaces, but basically the same considerations,
in fact since glass furnaces run for months at a time they are far more automated and rigged for safety)
some blacksmiths might undertake processes like case hardening that would benefit from those automation features
Gas Control & Ignition

most would buy a burner and the gas regulation then build a refractory lined forge, but building the burner itself is an option
most would also not have automation features
you have options for a naturally aspirated burner or a forced air burner, we have two forges at work, one of each kind

next question
what are you going to be forging?
(size and use considerations)

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well its the burner(s) and gas regulation that youd invest the most money and time in, so if later you need something larger longer or whatever you can migrate the components ;)

the forge itself can be as simple as a hole in the ground, but something with less thermal mass and much better insulation is perferable

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