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I find a blacksmithing show on tv and found the site to buy them finaly! LOL . Its called forge& anvil it comes on RFD-Tv . I`am going to buy the book and tv series. I just wondered about any other Blacksmithing tv shows. here is the link
I think you can get on RFD Tv `s site and get there also.

I`am not trying to sell them. I just found them and wanted y`all to know about them cause they look interresting


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Check the website for the Upper Midwest Blacksmith Assn UMBA Online and go to their library page. You can get pretty good smithing videos for five bucks each. Quality isn't always "professional" since some of them are done with hand held cameras using the camera mike for audio (shot by blacksmiths, not video producers), but the demonstrations are well worth the $5.

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