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  I have been doing some research, on hammer dressing dimensions. I found an older thread from 2008, here on IFI. What I found was 

Face 24" radius 

Edge 1/2 radius 

Pein 12" radius 

  I took the tin snips to an old cookie sheet to make a gauge. Are measurements close. Want to make sure before I start break out the file. 

     Thank you as always 

      N.N.F.                     Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA  





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I think you'll find that hammer dressing dimensions are a very personal thing.  Same story with the handle dimensions. 

I had a hammer head that wouldn't bounce straight back so I spent a lot of time trying to dress the head differently to get it working better.  I stumbled into a pile of cheap hammer handles so I decided to replace the handle.

I found that a longer and slimmer handle completely changed the feel and bounce of the hammer.  Now it comes straight back and it's a lot less frustrating to use.

Looking at the whole thing today, I can see how the handle eye wasn't punched perfectly straight. The old handle was closer to round than rectangular.

When the head was ground nice and symmetrical, it bounced all wrong and left dents wherever it struck.  Giving myself flats to resist the head from torquing helped to index the head better. 

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No-name: You're overthinking it. I doubt strongly I have two hammers with the same face radius and know for a fact none of the edges are radiused the same. doesn't seem to matter, play it by eye. If the edges of your hammer is marking the work and you cant correct it with hammering technique soften the edge more till it's right for you. That's how I do it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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