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Canedy Otto blower with weird bearing housings


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I picked this up at a auction a few years ago. I think I paid a $1 for it.
It's loose, although it does need cleaned. It is missing the caps on one side, but I can make them ok. The question I have is what is the deal with the weird bearing housings? I've asked some of my engine buddies about wether you use oil or grease to lubricate these bearings. The 2 differnt resevores with a drain valve is just way weird. I'm thinking the resevore closest to the blower housing, is maybe for grease (wheel bearing) and the outside one is for oil as it has a wick. The drain would be for draining off the used oil everyday or so, maybe. It has babbit bearings that I think might need to be replaced, not sure until I clean it up a little. I'm building a coal forge to go in the shop. I'm getting tired of my rivit forge, tired of pumping it :wink: ! Here are some pics of the blower. If anybody has info I'd love to hear from you.

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Meco first time I have seen one exactly like that, nice line shaft powered blower tho,, I'm assuming the inside resevoir is for a packing to try and keep the oil from draining to the inside and getting all over the fan and then collecting dust and dirt which cuts down the efficiency of the blower. but then thats just my observation on the pics.

most of those old open oil cups collected dust and dirt and the valve on the bottom is for flushing every once in awhile, most of the similar ones I have seen had a cork or wooden plug in the top to keep foriegn material out of the cup, to prevent excess wear on the shaft.

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Babbitt bearings need continual lubrication. I have seen older bearings with and without wicks but most of the older information I have read indicates that the wick is needed to help retain oil and prevent lube starvation. The bottom reservoir is a splash reservoir that can be drained when necessary.

I put cotton wicks in all my babbitt bearings then slop on the oil. It helps with continual lubrication and also keeps the bearing clean in a dirty old blacksmith shop... :)

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