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I Forge Iron

Couple new axes

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Well, large hawk and small trade belt axe

Hawk has a 3 1/2" cutting edge, 19" hickory handle, body of 1018 with a 1084 bit.  It's left a bit rougher than I normally do hawks so I did a kydex blade guard figuring it be a good one to throw in a truck or side by side tool box.

Belt axe as a 3 3/4" cutting edge, 14" hickory handle, body of wrought iron with a 5160 bit.  I left this fairly rough as well, it's my take on a trade axe or hatchet.  Also first time using my new stamp, just an anvil with my initials, WJC.  I normally use an electro etch and stencil, but that don't work too good on rough forge finished metal.





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Thanks, the wrought iron was an experiment, it came from an old wagon wheel, about 10" wide, 1/4" thick that had been used for a brick ledge on a fireplace, found it when we tore the old house down.  House was built around 1901, and the iron was fairly corse.  I basically forged it flat and cut and stacked it, think it was 6 layers, a triple fold, then cut down the middle and triple folded again.  It came out pretty clean, but I didn't etch very long, just enough to give a little age and grey to it.  Also, I didn't finish it finer than a 120 grit belt, a finer finish and a longer etch would bring out the grain better.  Stamp is a little too deep, should have hit it once, not twice with the big hammer, wrought iron is soft at heat.

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