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1st the Pilot Fire...Now Blue Cut Fire!


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Now I have the "Smartest" people on the planet speeding by my house as a short cut to save themselves 5 minutes....

Feel like digging a trench at the cross roads....and sit back and watch the show....but want these fine citizens gone sooner the better....

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More of a venting lol Sorry. I was outside tinkering in my shop. And vehicles are flying by one after another and Im eating dust like crazy...I get 4 cars a day go by usually. I moved out here to get away from it all....

Now people are smoking me out of my shop... One car can make a cloud big enough to cover the whole area...Now im eating dust none stop..

So I see it as a day wasted unless I go all Star Wars Sand People mask and all.

Now im getting 4 cars ever few seconds... and my whole property is a sand storm. And I've been itching to work today...

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Yeah, I know how it is to move a way out in the country for a little peace and quiet only to find the dirt road you're on is a major trunk. Vine rd. is a feeder between the Parks Hwy. and Knik Goose Bay rd. so it gets heavy and stupid fast traffic 24/7. When we bought here it was a dirt road with more traffic than we liked but better than living in town. They were paving it on our first anniversary, since then it's heavy traffic all the time. An hour doesn't go by EMS isn't screaming by, there is a fire station within a mile of both ends and a police station within one of the Parks end.

At least paving Vine cut the dust well . . . IF you don't count the 4 wheelers blasting up and down the ditches.

I identify with your situation even if we aren't Mojave hard pan dry and dusty.

Frosty The Lucky.

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