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Coote belt grinders?


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I just did a search for them on bladeforums, and most folks seem to be pleased. Geez. I have enough scratch to get a Grizzly here, motor included. Or, I can get the Coote and then drive myself mad looking for an appropriate motor.

It never ends, does it? :lol:

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ELKDOC-- I built one similiar to this one. I have about $300. in mind. including the motor.

The motor is an enclosed(read: sealed), from an swamp cooler on top of a commercial building.

If you can find or trade a knife or blacksmithing for one in the 1 1/2Hp. to 2HP. that is what you need when you learn to bog the steel to it.

No smaller than an 8" rubber wheel. 10" would be better for hollow grinding.


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Thanks sandpile. I'll think about that.

Something has to give, though. I'm sick of trying to grind blades with an angle grinder. It takes forever to clean it up with files.

I can get away with it on regular smithing projects, but it sure would be handy!

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