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Setting up shop

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I still havn't set up shop since I'm still living with my folks. They are planning to get me to gravel / slate chip the backyard. Is this a suitable surface to put a basic pole shed upon? 

P.s. to Dave aka the Iron Dwarf, would you recommend some sort of flue, exhaust pipe if I'm going to be using one of your forges in an enclosed space?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Thief

venting the fumes properly is very important, 

have a look here 


there is a good post on sizes by Glenn (at top of the threads) and I'm sure there will be a post that somewhat matches your criteria if it isn't in there.

Re your base inside your shed,

I would consider using "mot type 1 aggregate" whacker plated down and then concrete the for surface (hire a whacker, cement mixer and a spirit level if you don't have one) make it slightly larger than the shed frame ( so you know the frame of the shed will be level when you build it, also consider a damp proof course).

 I would also plan to add a say 1m /1.5m wide gentle ramp from ground level to the base level, so you can easily get stuff in and out. (also IMHO tamp the base down with the edge of a length of timber leaving a slightly rippled surface rather than smoothing it out, esp if the pole shed is open to the elements).

It may cost more and upset your parents (they can always park their cars on it once you move out ;) ) but it will be a lot easier to work on, pick up dropped items, set up your equipment/ tables/ cupboards etc..



 ( btw I'm not a builder and there's loads of help on quality builders merchant sites and YouTube....but always have a "buyer beware attitude for youtubers and watch at least 5 videos before deciding how to do it

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Thanks Ben, I think I may have changed location after what you have said. The front garden has a makeshift driveway to accommodate an extra car already, I could make it better by concreting it and extending it enough for a proper carport as well as a forge. Might have to cut the fruit trees back abit albeit ;)

Thanks for your time,


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