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Weld depth

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Good Morning all,

I found this to be interesting so I thought I would share. I am working on turning a chunk of 4 1/2" by 1 1/2" class II "hook type" forklift tine in to a post anvil. The weld that was used to hold the top mounting hook on the tine looks to be about 1/5" to 5/16" penetration on all sides except the part for the pin that held the fork in place. I can tell you that this weld did not give up without a fight!     

Weld depth.jpg

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Somewhat confused here, are you mixing up weld dimensions with penetration? I can see from the picture where the welds were, which you have cut through but to view the penetration would require a slice through the weldment and likely and etch, surely?

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If you have a look at the part you've cut off, (ie not the part in the picture) and try and find a piece where the weld ends, if you file it of smooth to a nice finish, sometimes you can see the transition between the original material and the welded area, other times you may also need to etch it to bring out the change in the material. Then you will be able to see where the weld has penetrated into the original steel. You will also often find the weld to be harder and can be felt when filing it. If welding on thinish material you may see the weld fully penetrate right through to the backside.

I recall your post on fabricating an anvil from a fork lift tine, the advice offered by the sages is partly to negate the problem of ensuring adequate penetration across the full face of the mated sections.

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