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Alright! my 2nd hamon!

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Here's another I've made using the same methods as in this thread.

I've got to get a little more creative and direct with the application of the clay though.. I think my hamons are a little two simple...

Here's some pics. This is W1 drill rod, forged, filed, clayed, quenched by heating in charcoal forge and quenching in brine. Then cleaning up with 250grit water stone, then a hot vinegar etch to show the whole hamon.

Filed filed_DSC_5975_low.jpg Clayed clayed_DSC_5978_low.jpg Wired wired_DSC_5979_low.jpg Quenched after_quench_DSC_5989_low.jpg


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Thanks. I'm learning alot as i go along with these projects. So far i think the most important things i've learned is how important it is to forge very close to the shape you want the blade to be, leaving extra meat all over to file away, then file very cleanly, leave no deep cuts from the file, etc... Man correcting leftover mistakes in those early steps after the blade has already been quenched is crazy hard work. The next one I forge and file i'm going to take more time with getting those steps done cleanly.


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