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Tractor Disc Cleaver


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Made from an old tractor disc. 3/16" thick, I've made a bunch of small knives and other tools out of half the disc. The other half has been under my storage rack since winter and a couple of days ago it started calling to me. The blade is approx 6" tall by 9" long. Hardened in canola oil and triple tempered to straw. The handle scales are hickory with three 1/4" steel pins. Edge is convexed. Its always touch and go tempering by eye but I think I got a keeper. I split a pile of hardwood with it this afternoon and stuck it and twisted it out of the chopping block several times. No chips and it still cut paper. Not very scientific but that's my method.





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Thanks Thomas. It will probably see a lot more action at the woodpile than on beef ribs :-) I cook a whole hog when I can find fifty or so people who want to eat pulled pork but that's only once in a blue moon. When I lived in North Texas my boss used to take me up to one of his ranches in Oklahoma to butcher a cow every year. The kit was 1) 30-06 1) chain saw 1) axe 1) shoe box full of old hickory butcher knives. We would grind the whole thing into hamburger and he would fill up all his workers freezers with free meat. He was a good boss. I don't think I've ever used a cleaver, just always like liked the look of them.

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my wife uses a froe to split kindling as she feels it safer than swinging a blade often while holding the piece; but that looks like a good kindling maker the short bevel in particular should pop dimensional lumber pieces.  No need to worry about the handle then and a nice hole to hang it by to boot!

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