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Champion 400 Whrilwind Forge


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I just know I'll wish I hadn't done this this way.  I received as a gift a forge that was suppose to have had some historic significant to me as the first forge I use to crank at 10.  As it was delivered I saw it was not.  That has nothing to do with this at this point' 

First pic. is the unit on a steel frame weighing more than three of us can move without the tractor.  The piping on the side is a sight to behold.

2nd pic is the hood that came on it and we removed to get in  the shop.  See the handle running up the side?  that was into this valve handle in the 3rd pic.:o  The top inlet looks like it might have been connected to a gas line at one time pic 4I am told that they used LP gas to start the coal fire for speed and reduced smoke!!!  I can't prove a thing but the piping makes it non conventional to say the least.  I like to say I want to learn something new every day this just might be worth a week!  The pot has no additional holes in it from what I see a standard whirlwind had, excellent condition as well.  Tried to post a pic but will not let me.   

There is only 2 ways for this to get air pic. 3 or 4 nowhere else, neither looks large enough. 

Anybody heard much less seen anything of this nature?  I'm not saying I'm about to start hooking gas to this thing as I can get in trouble with a gas grille igniting.  I will add a couple pic. the bed needs  replacing  as it is rusted through but it may have been from rain as the cover looks like it.  This has not been used in 35-40 yrs as the story goes, came from a Farrier family of multiple generations and names in Mass. VT area since WWII.  no body connected has seen it operate. 

Now they will not upload for me.  Any Ideas?  The pic are having trouble uploading but this bunch didn't have trouble downloading this beauty on me!






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I'll see if this forum  will download additional pictures here on the forge.

1  is the piping going under the forge to the base, clinker breaker works fine as well

2   fire pot showing the writing on the casting and it is in very good condition

3   a picture of the fire brick that lines the flooring of the forge





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glad to see I'm not the only one not to have heard of this before.  I'm not sure where they would have gotten pressured air that high and not to have damaged the pot.  the bricks look well used but the pot looks nearly new.  When and if I get this rebuilt I'm going to traditional and may brick in the base.  Right now that makes 4 forges and I only need one so I think it is going into the big barn out of the way if I can move the blasted thing. 

This family were the leading edge of a lot of things in the horse world, one was the first in the area to treat founder, nothing would surprise me but wish they left a recipe for  this thing.

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Seeing as how no one here has heard of this concoction the corporate decision (by my wife)  has been made to tear the plumbing off, clean it up, replace the bottom, re-fire brick it,  hook up the 400 blower I have in excellent condition and brick around it to make it look like a regular brick forge which had been the original plan but use a metal chimney on it.  This way I can do the brick work as long as my feet are on the ground or better yet I told my wife if she had to have a brick forge she could do the bricking.  That already makes me tired. 

Have a friend who has a nice pile of old bricks I can help my self to, clean them up (my wife can't understand why they aren't cleaned already) and get at it.  We have a family reunion coming in early Aug, may give each of them 2 dozen bricks to clean before the food is brought out. Presume it might cause questions if I told them all to bring a chipping hammer!

Amazing how many times someone gives you some thing for free that immediately becomes a whole lot of work. 


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