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vern six

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Vern Six,
I like the design of your sharpener.
Among many other devices I have made or used to sharpen knives, I have a Tormek knife sharpener. Although it is a nice machine, I have found some drawbacks to it.
The cost to replace the grinding stone is around $140.00 dollars. I could replace a lot of sanding belts for $140.00 dollars. I have found some other issues with it, although minor, I have had second thoughts about buying it.
I say all of that, to say that I like the configuration of your sharpening rig. If I knew back in 2000 when I bought the Tormek, I would have not bought it and would have built one to better fit my needs.
Question: How much effort does it take to change a belt on your sharpener?
Thanks for showing us your sharpener.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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The belts change in about 30 sec. buy the brite handle on the left.
just pull on it and it slides and then chANGE BELT OFF AND ON.
the only thing lansky is the little clamp witch rides on a bent rod about 2" high .
pull the clamp up to the top and sharpen. then take and use the leather belt to make the grind shine.I have a hand made clamp for bigger knives.(6"a up to 10")

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