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I Forge Iron

Please help me identify this anvil.

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I have just purchased this small anvil and am trying to find out the make and approx year of manafacture.

One one side it has a eight pointed star cast into with three letters, the first is W and I cannot make out the rest.

On the other side is a casting that finished with Birmingham and I cannot make out the rest.

I will try to attach some pics.

Thank you for any help.

anvil 1.jpg

anvil 2.jpg

anvil 3.jpg

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Give the anvil experts a chance to read and reply, remember your getting expert oppinions (and some not so expert) free. Many of these folks work for a living and save the rest of us from rooting in old dusty libraries or buying old and rare texts as favor. Not all of them are on here every day. 

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6 hours ago, billtr96sn said:

No one? No ideas?

I agree with Charles above, relax, wait for the experts to get their own stuff done.  I've never seen people not respond BUT the above comment just could make that happen.  Free info takes a while.  In my case I don't have the foggiest idea what it is other than an anvil of small proportions.

 Happy Forging.

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