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Rolling Mill possibility ??

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apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section....

I have seen a few similar rolling mills posted here and there,..... while seeking a press I came across this the other day

so, wondering from the experts if this would be suitable......

frwd/reverse , approx 1-1/2'' height travel ( may be able to increase) will allow 3-1/2'' wide billet , 110V Baldor power 3/4 HP 1725 rpm 

I know a very vague question but any idea what the value of this may be ? I have no idea......any info / input appreciated     



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Lots of variability in the pricing of such things.  Most people buying one do so because they actually NEED one so the price pressures are different than "that might come in handy some day".  We built a couple for our own use.  Assuming it checked out, I'd probably plonk down $ 500 tomorrow because we actually use and need one.  The  drive and gearbox look a bit scabbed together so that lowers the value on the commercial side (because work needs to be put in like machine guarding)

When shopping for used small rolling mills like that (before we built our own), I'd seen similar listed WELL over $ 1000 at used commercial machinery places.  


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On 5/18/2016 at 6:24 PM, BCROB said:

thanks Koz / Arf 

was hoping for a bit more feedback from anyone who may have one similar, I'll try another forum........  


Sorry, thought you would notice the word Jewelers in my post.

That roller is meant for soft cold metals in small sections and very small increments of reduction.

Great tool though.

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I have a bit of experience with rolling mills as  I used to roll sheets of silver 12 inches wide,up to 4 ft long. I also had a small mill like yours that I was given because it was cracked, so I got a machinist to machine and bolt it back together. 

The only thing I would say is if you can't roll it by hand then don't roll it under power. These mills werent designed to take a XXXX lot of pressure. 

this language is not acceptable for a family forum

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