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I Forge Iron

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Been making a lot of it lately. 1.2-1.5% C range in all of my pucks, in their entirety.


Been figuring things out, or rather finding through trial and error how the japanese make such beautiful looking steel, with clean surfaces and tempering colors, rendering the steel to take on its name by appearance as jewel steel. I have the composition spot on with what they are using. Almost have the visual down pat.








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That top pretty puck with the colors wash turned into a bar for a friend. Wasn't cracky at all, just needs some of the charcoal bits to diffuse into the steel. A little piece broke off in the second pic revealing the steel grain.


Then changed a few parameters of my furnace to push it further to cast, but not quite. Made these closest possible carbon content before it is so high that it is cast and cannot be worked. I would say this next bit is easily 1.5 C. Squished it down (good sign), and then quenched it. It shattered like glass when struck. The grain is so-so and deserves some folding to be truly beautiful.


Spark is dense and intense, but also long. Unlike cast which is dense and short.








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It cleans up very well after 13 folds. These were made for a comission to a really good bladesmith for the steel itself.


I have worked it in the past and it works and cleans beautifully with proper heat control, adherence to strict fluxing and protection of the carbon and the power hammer. Basically it is broken and sorted like the Japanese do, and weld into a single billet.

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