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Height of "portable hole"

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Because I have some block material laying around looking for a use, I've been pondering fabricating a "portable hole".  The set up I envision also allows for the same "stand" to carry something akin to various smaller swage blocks.  I mentioned it long ago but I have 4 pcs 8" x 8" x 3" thick 4140 with blanchard ground faces looking for a use other than to hold the floor down.  I'd be able to interchange those blocks in addition to reserving one for the portable hardy hole.  I envision the other blocks eventually getting swage grooves or surface modifications but that'd wait until I see what would be helpful to have around.

One question that came up in my planning was height.  Any suggestion on varying the height from the usual anvil height?  Taller because the work tends to be more fiddly or shorter because any hardies put in the hole raise the work-height a bit?  

 I figured I'd toss the height question out to see if anyone had opinions--some consideration I hadn't thought of or some use that turned out to be better at a different height than the normal anvil face/hardy.

Just trying to think it through before committing any iron.

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