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full tang bowie WIP


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well i got motivated today and decided i was going to try and make something a little larger than i usually do. after a little sketching this is what i came up with. so far i just have it profiled and a swedge filed in. this is my first swedge so if i did anything wrong with it let me know. the blade length is about 8.5 inches, the handle is a little long but i think i like the length for right now.

on a side note, i ended up getting a made in usa 14inch magicut Nicholson file that really made draw filing easier and faster. after i figure how im going to layout the bevels i think im going to try draw filing them in on this one instead of trying to use my tiny little grinder haha.



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Looks like a good start. What kind of steel are you using? What are you calling the swedge? 

Those magicut files are really great, I fount one at a local tool outlet and I love it. It's great for roughing out the shape when you're a little on the large or wonky side.

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normally i use 1/8th inch for hunting knives and stuff, this is my first big knife that im making and was jsut kinda a spur of the moment thing so im going to use what i have. plus im only doing stock removal on this one. if i was forging i def would have ordered thicker material. if im lucky the lighter weight will make it easier to handle and will cause less fatigue when swinging. maybe ill even try tapering the tang. this whole knife is an experiment and is a lot of firsts for me but if you dont try you never learn, right? was thinking about trying to produce a hamon on the blade as well.

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