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I Forge Iron

Made my first forge weld!

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After coming home from the hammer in at Little Giant I felt inspired. On Sunday my daughter and I got the forge with all the associated equipment out of the garage. We built the fire, practiced some tapers, twists, and some small scrolls. At about the samt time my Mrs was headed to town so I asked her to get some Borax. When she got home her confusion was at an all time high. Being the gentleman on rare occasions I went and put groceries away and told her to come out and watch.
Mandy and I practiced the moves once, we brought the pieces to red heat and applied the borax. Then we brought the parts to welding heat and went through the moves, 3 hits and it was a done deal! My Mrs was still lost so I sat down and explaned what the borax did as flux, she knodded in understanding. I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand or really even care.
Watching all the smiths this weekend turned out to be a great learning experience for me. I highly recommend to anyone that hasn't gone to a hammer in to go to one. Thank you to Sid for hosting and all the smiths for sharing thier knowelege.

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I really wish I could have stayed longer, had to leave at 3. Watching the demo's really made me feel like a rookie. The pattern welded pieces, all I can say is wow that's cool!
Skunkriv, it was good to meet you and get a chance to chat. We are planning to go to the state fair this year, we'll definatly stop in and say hi.
I bought a post vise Saturday that needs some help. The screw was siezed, got that apart tonight. Now I need to tighten up the rivet for the pivot side plates, make a new pin for the front jaw pivot, and make a top mount.

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