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I Forge Iron

Hello, again, sort of, from Vancouver, WA


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Hi all,

Well, I'm an amateur (which is a bit of a stretch upwards) smith/welder/caster/scrounger that has been on and off here over the last decade or so. I've gotten the bug back and so I'm back to spending hours on here. I'm a big fan of cheap and reusing old steel.

My current setup isn't; no forge at the moment but a collection of gear and plans to build one when I get home (I work away from home). Gas is more my speed than solid fuel and I've built a few but this one is going to get a new-to-me T burner as designed by Frosty. (For the record, listen to Frosty. Several years ago he strongly encouraged me to shy away from the forced air burner I decided I wanted to start with. It ended poorly though my 10 year old got some first hand training with a fire extinguisher).

Near future plans for an ABANA membership as well.

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Good to see you posting again. Have you hooked up with the NWBA? They're having their spring conference in a little while. I WISH I had the opportunity to meet up with and attend some of the events you guys do.

Frosty The Lucky.

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