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3000 deg F Blanket

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I came across  a web site for a supplier based in Houston Texas that carries a brand of " 3000 Degree F Polycrystalline Alumina Blanket"  as well as other refractory materials.


I have never done business with this supplier so the information is provided for your investigation.  The claimed durability on exposure to flame contact sounds outstanding and may be of interest to smiths working in pattern welding. 

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I looked into Saffil and Maftec blankets at work a few years back. Both are high Alumina, rather than Alumina/Silica, IIRC and the cost was eyewatering. In the end it was much cheaper for us to improve the control, eliminate hot-spots and keep using Alumina/Zirconia/Silica modules  than to change the material to something that would not be damaged by the hotspots.


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