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Anyone used a Fervi steel anvil? Thinking about purchasing.


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I'm looking to get started with some basic forging and blacksmith work.  I'm out of Houston Texas and for some reason all of the vintage anvils down here are extremely expensive.  I've been checking Craigslist and ebay daily and some of the anvils down here are almost double the price of similar anvils up in Pennsylvania or New York.  I'm on a budget of about $200 and I saw a 70 lb. forged steel anvil on ebay for $160.  I did some digging and based on threads here and the picture provided on ebay I've come to the conclusion that it is a Fervi C50 steel anvil.  They say the rockwell is 52 which doesn't seem all that bad for a beginner, but as I said I'm working on an extremely tight budget and I don't want to blow $200 on an ASO.  Has anybody ever used one of these anvils or know somebody who has?  I'm not picky if it'll work I can use it.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Ebay link has been removed, as per ToS


On a last note, if you're in East Texas and know of any good deals or sources to get something better I'd appreciate that too :)

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