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I was going to install an air flow damper at the Tee, and I got to thinking about the hand crank blower. No crank..... No air.... hummm. No more bending over to shut off the blower.. just flip the switch. I did get the twist on each of these spikes to look about the same. These will be wine bottle holders. I just need to clean up the spikes with a wire wheel and then weld them up.

Forge switch.JPG

RR spikes with a twist.JPG

wine bottol holder.JPG

wine bottle with a twist.JPG

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SOFA had a bunch of forges that used a foot switch that you had to step on for the blower to run---saved a lot of fuel and steel.  They also had an overide switch for folks doing forge welding and large stock where a constant air supply was preferred.  Note these were not tap on and tap off foot switches but ones that you had to keep your foot on to keep the blower running---particularly good for folks starting out or prone to distraction.

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it's a must to control the air. I can't imagine a blower operating all the time. The coal consumed would be awesome. Personally I would't use anything outside a bellows or a crank blower. I like both but the blower is the best. Now a foot switch from a singer sewing machine sounds like something I could get my mind around. If the (electric) blower was quiet.

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Actually I have used all three and my favorite was a PROPERLY BUILT double lunged bellows save for it was a pain to take to demos.  I could pump it to billet welding temps with my pinkie. OTOH I knew a smith that messed up his shoulder using an improperly set up bellows that took a massive pull to use and was mounted in the rafters.

As for continuous air---look up the pictures of them forge welding ship components together by making massive heaps of coke on t factory floor with large blowers pushing air into them...Anytime you are heating 4+ inch stock up to welding more power is a good idea.

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