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I Forge Iron

A Hofi Hammer Copy


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did you run out of RR track? :P

Another beautiful hammer ;)

wanted to ask you a hammer specific question
if your starting with a mass produced maul, and your objective is to square up (rectangle up) one face and cross peen the back, would you

1. forge weld the existing eye shut returning it to an ingot to start a new
2. work the ends as is and re-drift the eye when done, torching or grinding off extra mass on the back end of the hammer?

and finally which method would you recommend for someone not as skilled as you :p

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Ice Czar: The easiest method would be to grind off the excess material to shape it the way you want. The eye wouldn't be affected, but the hammer should be retempered. I would recommend heating to nonmagnetic and quench before scaling started, then using a torch heat the eye and side walls until the colors start to run. When purple shows on both ends, quench again. Clean it up and rehandle.

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