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Will this side sucker hood work for a barrel forge?

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I have this forge.  Wish I'd made it from a normal 55gal barrel but didn't.  It's a little smaller diameter.


I would like to add a portable hood to it. So the whole thing would be portable, and the hood would be optional, say, for when I need the room and the hood gets in the way, I just pull it away.  I found several good designs with stacked barrels, but mine isn't 55-gallon size and they look really large.

Here's my idea.  Will this draw, do you think?  Or will breeze outside just laugh at it?  I'm not sure if the 5 gallon buckets could be stacked very well if they are tapered.  Maybe bottom to top to bottom to top...  Even better if the bottom of it could have collapsible legs instead of more buckets...  But I just thought of something.  If I put a door in the bottom bucket, I could prime the airflow from there until it got drawing good from the center.  (?)

- Q




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Glenn posted his "Forge Hoods Explained" post at the same time I posted this one.  His explanation would mean this wouldn't work, but then how can a side sucking work?  Or that is not a hood?

My drawing is not very good.  The horizontal section would be a section of a bucket, opened in some kind of contour.  Not covering the coal area, but next to it.  But not a thin pipe like it looks.

I need to find the buckets, anyway.  It's easier to find 55 gal metal drums than 5 gal metal buckets...

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5 gallon buckets tend to be around 10 1/2 to 11 inches in diameter if I remember right, so in principle it would work, but cutting the bottoms out of a half dozen or more and fastening them together in a way that you don't have a lot of air gaps which would reduce your draft at the forge seems like it could be a problem.

You could do the whole thing with stove pipe.  Zip 2 5" pieces together for a 10" diameter or a couple 6" to get 12" diameter.  Put a T where your fire pot is and you're golden.  Easy to break down and set up as needed.

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another POSSIBLE problem could be if a coal falls on the nylon strap than it might burn through it and everything comes crashing down-that would be a bad day.


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