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# 33 Yang key / wedge problem FIX ?

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I have a problem with my #33 yang

the wedge on the bottom sow block -- not the wedge holding the die though -- is always coming lose after maybe 5 min of hammering  

I have cleaned all the oil off reset wedge & still loosen up in two or 3 runs on the hammer ,This is a new thing :huh: for the Ph

not sure what to do about it ??? or WHY its happening ???

only thing I can think of is heating wedge & resenting it in the sow block ? 

Or ruffing it up with a grinder some to help it stay in place better  ? OR ???

any Ideas out there Please !

its getting to be quite a pain in the B-- *&%#@ :angry:

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You might try fitting the wedge with some prussian blue.  You'd put on the blue, fit the wedge, take off the high spots where the die came off, re-apply die and repeat until you get a lot of contact area and very little blue left after you insert the key.

Some shims would help fill in the gaps and that would work too.  

I found these instructions for fitting a key.  http://www.littlegianthammer.com/resources/FitDieKey.pdf

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Yes fit the wedge w/ Prussian blue till all the high spots are even. When you put the wedge back in put it in w/ a thin aluminum piece cut from a pop can, or a thin piece of copper. The easily formed piece will take up any spots missed w/ the Prussian blue and also it acts a little "sticky" also to hold the wedge better.

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Dont rough it up with a grinder that will only cut down on your amount of bearing surface.  As mentioned you need to have the majority of the key providing a bearing surface, yes to blue, or we even use a black permanent marker to colour in the surface of the key if we don't have any "bearing blue".  I also vote for the shim of soft material, we use steel strapping strip to take up most of the slack, but we also include a strip of Aluminium, to deform and as said its a little sticky.

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well tried a copper shim didn't help :( there's alot of oil in the wedge housing I can.t get to and clean out :(

can't take the wedge out all the way cause it hits the hammer frame :( when I get a chance I will take the hole top

unit off the hammer clean both wedges + slots

will cut wedge leanth down or turn hole unit 180 degs so I can remove wedge when needed or ????

will try aluim shim also --- only other Idea I have is to lightly !!!  file some groves or ruff up the wedge a bit

*** what do you think of the file Idea ???

welded a lifting ring above hammer now & will lift hammer & put rubber pad on top of ply between hammer & base unit

+ also will put heavy mat under the hole thing  should quite it down some to

and been adding to the hanging tool rack just above hammer :D so its on going right now !!

I will post a pic of it all SOON ! LOL

Thanks for the in put keep it up ;)  Steve P

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