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Fold-n-Weld camp axe

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It was 2 weeks before Christmas and I get a call from a lady that doesn't know what to get her husband for a present, but she knows he wants a hand made small axe. I had never made one on the fold and weld style, but I found a nice tutorial by Gerald Boggs on the Mark Aspery youtube channel. Off I went to the shop, and by golly, it worked. I made this one yesterday to keep the muscle memory alive. I messed with Geralds dimensions a bit to make a smaller eye that I already have drifts for. To be honest, I'd rather punch and drift a hole in solid stock, the drifting process on the wrapped style threatens to peel the forge weld apart, and often succeeds. They do have a cool factor though. I inserted a spring steel bit into the cutting edge, and etched it a bit. the dissimilar metals add to the nifty look. After hardening, I did the mandrel eye temper to get some colors, and finished with Renaissance wax.

Thanks for doing that video, Gerald, the husband was all kinds of happy, and I got some cash for Christmas cheer.   



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