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Every now and then I find that I need to make a knife that does not take-down. The assembly is still 95% the same, I just make a slight alteration with the pommel nut on the interior. There is an internal sleeve on the non-take-downs, and alignment pins like all the others. By far the strongest assembly I can imagine. Full mechanical connection that incorporates the tang, guard and handle material into one solid unit, all pulled forward into the guard shoulders.
(Personally, and don't hold this against me, but I just don't like compromising handle material laterally with pins and bolts. I also find them visually detracting from the handle material.)
I forged this down from heavy 5160 bar, gave it a differential heat treatment.
I really liked this Ironwood material for its drastic contrast! Lots of light brown and almost black.
Stainless steel contoured guard.
5 1/8" blade with a 4 7/8" handle.
Overall length of 10 inches.
I had hoped to finish this last night for my last knife of 2007, but it ended up being the first of 2008!
Thanks for letting me participate.


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