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Scrolling Tongs


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I made these two pares of scrolling tongs the other day I forged the jaws and hinge pate from 5/8 round and welded 7/16 round bar on for the reins. They are just made from mild steel so I hope that they stand up after some use.

I am very happy with them and I had never made tongs like these befor as i have only been forging a few years since I'm 16 years old.

I would like to know what you guys think of them!!





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Those look like fine scrolling tongs Louis. You have plenty of meat in the bosses and reins so they'll take good force in use. One picture shows a little nick/notch in one of the bosses you might want to fill that and dress it up as it stands it's a weak point and an initiation point for a failure.

I like to make one bit smaller than the other on scrolling tongs as well as tapered like yours. It just gives me a wider range of curve I can turn with the same tool.

All in all nice tools, well done. Frosty The Lucky.

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