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Boring head for the lathe spindle.


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Here is a simple project i finally finished. A boring head for my SB lathe in the correct .602 taper for the spindle. Don't know if i will use it but it was fun to make. And it was FREE, the boring head was a gift i couldn't use...Bob

1st pic. Turning .602 South Bend Lathe taper.
2nd pic. Arbors made, i made extra since i was setup.
3rd pic. Threaded 1 1/2-18 for boring head.
4th pic. Boring head installed.
5th pic. Parts to use an arbor. Shaft/bushing/nut holds it inside the spindle.

southbend10k : SouthBendLathe10k and lathe projects. for more pics.






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Bob If You Ever Get A Gift Again You Cant Use , Please Regift To Chuck. I Don't Mind Regifts At All

That Is A Nice Idea Using A Drawbar , It Is Nice And Rigid That Way.

Lots Of Things You Can Do With This Set Up, Line Boring Holes For Precision, Boring Small Engine Cylinders, Trepanning A Plate, Fly Cutting, Etc

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Thanks for the ideas Chuck. I had installed a few years back a bigger cross slide with tee slots so i could do other jobs that i could clamp on the cross slide. Like this 45 degree milling of a slot i could not do any other way because i don't have a mill. This is the arm for my home made taper attachment being milled...Bob


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i have been a machinist for 25 years and i never tire of inovative ideas and fixtures for machine tools. thats where the money is made , take nothing and make something. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS .

thats my bag take a 50 dollar an hour job and turn it into a 150 dollar an hour job. do you have any other posts of pics.

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Chuck, everyone, I have about a thousand pics of setups i have done. Prob is they are scattered all over the net in photo albums i have. I have talked to Glenn about making blueprints and i will start some with my zillion projects from welding/ ornamental iron/ maching and some others.

I used my boring head today making a clearance cut on my tool post to clear the live center that always seems to hit at the wrong time...Bob
Pic #1 ALWAYS Watch the back side away from the cut, you don't want to hit anything. Turn it by hand to check for clearance.
Pic #2 Cutting in backgear with the spindle running slow.
Pic #3 Clearance cut done, perfect fit.
Pic #4 Looks like a beaver chewed it out but it will work.
Pic #5 Wrench and spindle nose protector pushing the boring head out of the taper. The taperered arbor locks itself pretty good into the tapered spindle ID.






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I have never heard of a south bend taper or a .602. It looks like a Morse #3 to me. Interesting way of setting up a boring head I will have to admit. I use them in my millers but have not tried in any of my lathes yet.


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Here is a little info about the oddball spindle taper. A #3 MT will fit but it sticks out too far...Bob

An interesting point concerns the spindle nose: this uses what appears to be a short No. 5 Morse taper but is actually specified as a proprietary fitting with the same taper rate as a No. 3 Morse (0.602" per foot) but with a "gauge line" of 1.629" diameter. The "proper" No. 5 taper has a rate of 0.6315" per foot, and a gauge line of 1.748" diameter. Although calculations show that a standard (but shortened) No. 5 Morse taper 2.5-inches long would be approximately 0.006" loose at the smaller-diameter end in practice a No. 5 Morse does appear fit - though there is always the chance that your lathe may be different. The correct sleeve, to South Bend's specification, can be obtained from Scot Logan at lathe.com

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It seems to me now that you mention explain it, I have heard of short tapers. I can't remember where, I thought it was in reference of a brit lathe though. I didn't realize SB used them. I have had three SB's and all were morse.
This is interesting, Jay

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