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The Last Dai-Sho


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I still have a few of my Japanese series hanging about that I am finally finishing off  and I am listing on my web site as they are done so I figured I may as well post pics here cause once these are done and gone that is it!!


This is one of two Dai-sho that I am finishing up..the last one is in red/black in "fighting" mounts.


Both blades are Kobuse 1070 jackets with a mild steel core, what I call my Gen II blades. Mounted in a Dragonfly motif in bronze with gold and silver leaf highlights/details and finished in a very nice blue over black lac and silver leaf. Sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lacquer.


Katana: Blade length 27 1/4" Tsuka is 10 1/4"

Wakizashi: 19" blade Tsuka 6 1/2"


Both tsuka are blue samegawa under black ito. Both blades show a really NICE hamon and could benefit from a polisher with skills better than mine. Both have one full length Bo-Hi on each side that was scraped in.


I think they turned out rather nice and I am so relieved t be done wiuth this series and can get back to doing some serious work..






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