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need help


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Hey all,  my mother in law wants a metal gnome,  I am looking for help with ideas??  I have seen clay Spencer do one on his treadle hammer but don't remember what all the tools and dies looked like.  Any other ideas would be great.  

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How big? Check out the RR spike wizard how tos around the web and modify to suit. I've been kicking around a wood rack for next to the stove based on the spike wizard but more gnomish. I have some 1 1/4" sq. If I give it a hair pin bend and forge to a floppy point, a disk of 14 ga. and I have the hat. Chase out the face and then comes the tricky part. A gnome needs shoulders as well as big feet. So I figured I'd make another hair pin and forge BIG toed feet on the ends. Heat and spread the other part a bit below the Adam's apple and open it straight out, insert the legs and fold the arms down over the . . . body. Oh forge BIG hands on the ends of the arms.

A little 14 ga. to make his cloak to hide his steel thewed body and maybe a pack (gotta have someplace to hold kindling don't I?) from. This leaves BIG wide spread feet poking from under the cloak and wider spread arms from sleeves to hold a couple stove fulls of wood. The right hand, the one away from the stove door would be the fire tool holder and the hatchet fits a loop in his cable twist and knotted belt.

Just a thought, I have back shelves FULL of them you know.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty I have some of the same ideas,. Thanks.  The ones I watched clay do where from 1.5 and 2" square stock.  I have also been pondering a sheet metal one that is raised and chased.  I like the thought on a wood rack.  Gnomes should be helpful and doing something.

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