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Over the last couple of months Ive been having a go at 'forging' , more specifically pattern welding,

this is my 6th attempt and im enjoying my snatched hour or two at the forge. its very low layer (60ish) but i welded it lengthways aswell . its bandsaw and pallet strap.

this is all ive made so far, except my first one which ive lost.... :mad: (the top one is my knife from the cubs for comparison purposes....)

happy forging in 2008 everyone!



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just using household borax at the moment... the latest one really diddnt want to weld (kept bursting when forging against the inital welds) so maybee a more agressive flux needed in the future. I got it to stick in the end by getting it real hot and squashing it real hard :) It had no option but to weld. (it stuck to the dies better than itself...)

Im hanging fire on finishing them a) coz ive not got a proper grinder yet - im using a 5 hp 60 grit linisher, and an angle grinder, and B) forging is more fun.

Ive got a real innovative knife grinder design on the drawing board ill be making in the new year, ill post it when its done ( errrm assuming it works !)

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