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Marked improvement in Second knife... third on its way too


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Got some pretty good progress progress on the xmas gifts.  THe knife I made for my brother, my second, came out much better than my first.  I still need to quit rushing the wood work, but even that is much better than the first.  This one was some pieces of leaf spring with some mild steel for the damascus, and a piece of solid leaf spring in the middle for the cutting edge.


THe thrid one, I just got done grinding on and I think its ready for the heat treat and tempering.  That one is for my step son, so hopefully the shape of the blade is more "cool" for him.  I screwed up in the choosing the steel for this one.  Should have done a little more research.  I used an axle from a 4 wheeler that I got for free, and have made a couple of hardy tools from it, so thought it would be plenty tough for a camping knife, but then I learned these are usually made from 4140 which is a pretty low carbon content.  So, it might be tough, but probably won't hold an edge very well.  Oh well... another learning experience.

It should look good though, and I don't know how much actual use it will get, so all should be good.  For this one, I flattened out the axle, and took three piece of that, and two of the mild steel and folded it once and then gave it a few twists.  I'm hoping for a slow, lazy spiral going through the blade.  I'm going to do the same type of twist for the guard. We'll see how it all turns out.12369031_919808844766007_203972141883982

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