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Knife number 2 is fighting me


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Working on my second knife.  I got both pattern welded billets done, and laminated a piece of leaf spring between them for the cutting edge.  Got it forged to the general shape, but I didn't leave enough for the tang, so decided to forge weld on a piece of mild steel to give me another couple of inches to play with.  That seems to have worked ok. 

So after finishing at the forge, thinking all was good, I refined the shape a little with some files, and then to the belt grinder to start a rough grind, and that's when I noticed the spine is not perfectly straight.  So tomorrow I've got to fire up the forge again just to get a little bend out, or maybe just heat it with the torch, but either way, its one more added step to a knfe that has already taken me twice as long to make as I was figuring.

After such a decent first knife, I was really hoping this one would come together without as much difficulty, but it seems like this one just wants to fight me at every turn.

Here's a quick picture of where it is now.  The bend is very slight and I couldn't get it to show up on the camera no matter what angle I took it from, but its definitely there and needs to be taken care of.



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