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Questions on Indoor Gas forge use.


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Ok, first off, I have done a bit of research on this already, but considering the difference between knowing what I am doing potentially means serious injury or death,  I would like to run the idea across some much more experienced folks before moving forward. 



As you can see, as of yesterday/this morning the chances of being able to do much outside work wise, is pretty much Nil, That is a shot of my back deck at 6:30am mountain time round about, we got about 2 inches of snow last night, and the rest of it, was what I woke up to yesterday morning at around 5 am. 

Considering I would like to continue working throughout the winter doing the hot bangy stuff my only real option is to move it into my garage, I have been working on building a propane forge for about 2 months now as finances allow, and am at point now where I can reasonably finish it with a couple more parts ( namely Kaowool and Plistix and some bonding agent for the firebrick ) I have a two car " attached " garage for my house as you can see here. 


This specific area of the garage, once cleaned of course, is where I intend to place my forge and all hot work equipment. Behind the multicolored board on the far left side of the picture is a standard basement window that is probably 2-2.5 feet tall by about 3 feet wide. There is on the far right, a door that opens into my back yard, and then a standard 2 car garage door at the other end of the garage. 

Now my thought, is to open up that window, place the forge close to it, set up a sort of hood over the forge to the window, then put a fan in the window to act as an exhaust while keeping the back door open along with the garage door at least part way open to create a cross breeze.   I will of course be placing CO detectors both around the forge, and adding more around my house, but as I have two small children ( and a spiteful ex I am again locked into a custody dispute with ) I need to be able to ensure this does not adversely affect their health. 

Are my thoughts sound on this? Does anyone have any thoughts based on what they can see here to make it better?  

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That's one-half of a good idea. You need to build a sheet metal hood with a powered exhaust to put through that window, and the exhaust needs to extend out beyond the wall a couple of feet, turning upward at its end. The CO alarms are good, but you need to cover the forge area with cement board for additional fire protection, as though it were a wood stove; hang a couple of fire extinguishers on the wall too.

When finished, you should call the fire department and volunteer to have them inspect your set up and advise you on any recommended improvements. This establishes a nice paper trail to show a judge, in case your ex tries to use your hobby against you.

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