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Gas forge in Massachusetts?

Willow Brookes

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Hello All,

I'm wondering if any smiths in MA use gas forges, and whether you have had issues when installing a gas forge in your shop. 

I ask because I am looking into renting forging space in Massachusetts. I normally use a gas forge when working, and I have been discussing this with the owner of the place I am looking to rent (It is itself a blacksmithing school). Apparently, though, there are several legal snags to using a gas forge in Massachusetts. There is a law (248 CMR 3.04(1), I believe) on the books that says that no unregistered gas appliances can be used or installed indoors.

"Board Required Product Acceptance. Only products and materials that meet the product acceptance requirements of 248 CMR 3.04(1): Board required Product-acceptance may be utilized in gas fitting work in Massachusetts unless the Board has waived the necessity for product acceptance per 248 CMR 3.04(1)(h)."

These appliances have to be registered as safe by the Board. As far as the owner of the building knows, there are no makes of gas forge that are registered as okay to use indoors according to Massachusetts law. I'm wading through the legalese right now, but I'm wondering if anyone could shed more light on the ins and outs of having a gas forge in MA. If absolutely necessary, I can set up a coal forge, though I do a lot of production work. 




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