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SBA Madison 2007 Anvil Shoot - Video


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We have an Old Favorite Receipts book from Castroville, Texas. It has recipes and history from the area. First settlers were from Alsace-Lorraine and others from France and Germany. Mostly Catholic. This is printed on the inside of the back cover -

Shooting the Anvil

The anvil played an important part in the days of the Castro Colonies. On the farm and ranch it was used in making tools, keeping the old tools in working condition, shodding horses and repairing horseshoes.

Then, of course, boys will be boys, and they soon found out that by placing black gunpowder and a fuse between a block and the anvil, lighting the fuse, and running like mad, they would have a very loud explosion. Soon everyone was shooting the anvil on special occasions: Christmas, New Year's, and especially when the Bishop came to town. In the Quihi area the farmers, one after the other, would shoot the anvil as a warning to tell all that the creek was rising or flooding.

It says that the last time they shot the anvil was February 19, 1975 at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of the St. Louis Society.

The cookbook is published by the Castro Colonies Heritage Association.

I know that this is not earthshattering news but, thought it was interesting enough to share.

Happy New Year

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