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Hello from Central Louisiana!!


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I am brand new to the scene, but I've been looking at this site for quite some time.

I would love to get in touch with and learn from any locals with a passion for metalworking, the desire to teach, and the patience to answer a million and one questions!

Hopefully, I'm not looking to win the lottery by asking for such a combination.  Either way, I'm more than willing to learn the basics and beyond, from anyone willing to teach me.  Currently, I'm working two jobs and supporting a family, but am free on the weekends fairly often.  If anyone feels up to the challenge, I'll be checking back often.

Looking forward to making many contacts and new friends along the way!

Speak with you soon.

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Welcome aboard hapiguy, glad to have you.

If you scroll down the Iforge opening page you'll come to the regional organization pages, fine one close to you and say howdy. If not just check in here I'm sure folk from your neighborhood will speak up soon.

You can get a good start on your question list by pulling up a comfy chair, getting something to drink and snacks then pick a section of Iforge that sounds interesting and start reading some of the thousands of pages of archived questions and answers stored here.

It'll do two big things for you. First it'll probably answer a lot of your more basic questions, secondly it'll give you a grounding in the craft's jargon so you'll be able to ask good questions and understand the answers.

We LOVE good questions.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you Frosty!

I will be reading quite a bit over the next several days, I assure you :)

I appreciate all of the help.  Everyone I've met on the site thus far has been incredibly kind and helpful.

Looking forward to many, many new experiences here!

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Greetings fellow Louisianian:

     I would invite you to check out both the Louisiana Metalsmiths Association and the Gulf Coasts Blacksmiths Association websites and try to link up with those groups.  LAMA meets at various sites all across south Louisiana, while Gulf Coast meets in the Covington area.  The two groups get together for a shared meeting at least once per year.  Check 'am out.

Yancey Mire

Lafayette, La.

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