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W1 and Spalted Maple


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Here's a 12 inch Bowie style cutter with Spalted Maple handle material. The W1 blade is fully hardened, and the entire package is of the Take-down variety!
The mild steel fittings are fluted and jeweled with selective polishing on the facets and flutes. Flats on all pieces are satin.
The blade is 7 inches to the face of the guard.
In the second photo, I did a little "thing"!
As I shaped the handle with my files, the details from one side to the next became increasingly identical! The spalting runs exactly horizontally through the handle. I took a picture of each side individually, and then with my photo program "flipped" one side so they are both going the same direction to show how similar one side is to the next.
I thought that was worth a picture of its own!
This piece of handle material is the most solid and flawless piece of material I have ever used.
I hope you enjoy it as well.



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Do you stabilize your own wood or do you buy it?

Does the stabilization process completely penetrate the wood so that you can shape it any way you please, or do you rough-shape it then stabilize?

Again, very nice.


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